The Box

Our spacious facility has everything that one would need in a CrossFit box.  We have plenty of barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, Concept2 Rowers, Air bikes, floor space, and a top of the line pull up rig that is needed to have a wide variety of workouts.  There are not single use weight machines, but instead great coaching and effective equipment.  We also have Air Conditioning, which is not found in most CrossFit gyms.  This comes in handy during those hot Summer months in Tampa.


As moms, dads, business owners and athletes, we understand the importance of meeting the needs of busy families that make health a priority. We offer childcare for various daytime classes on weekdays and for each of the classes on Saturday and Sunday at no additional expense to our members. Our childcare room is far enough away from the gym floor that parents can easily get away for an hour, but has floor-to-ceiling windows so that parents can see their children at any given moment. There are plenty of toys and games for the little ones, and a TV and Wii and coloring/crafts for older children. So, parents–take a worry-free hour to yourself every day; you’ve earned it.

The Extras

While there’s nothing fancy about your typical CrossFit “box”, it’s always nice to have a few added features for comfort and convenience. From the moment you walk in the door through the moment you leave we have a little something for everyone. You are greeted at the door with a beautiful retail and reception area that includes a bowl of complimentary fruit and some fresh clean towels to use while you get your workout in. We have a lounge area with a filtered cold water machine and keurig coffee maker. You can relax in the lounge before or after your workout and still be able to watch the action that’s in the gym. We also have showers and dressing rooms that make you feel right at home.